Where communities thrive.

United we can achieve more in less time. That’s why we created discuna. A place where like-minded people come together to form communities of all sizes and drive innovation through open discussions.
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Hypatia, Socrates, and Confucius
Portrait of Socrates
Portrait of Hypatia
Portrait of Confucius
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Create your own community within seconds

Create a community for your lecture. Join a group of researchers innovating in the same field as you. Or open a community for your study group.
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Unlock new ways to communicate

Every community hosts a library that serves as central collaboration hub for its members. Discuna offers an ever-growing list of apps that you can add to your community library.
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Discuss what you cannot discuss

You want to exchange comments on a licensed PDF you can’t share? Our PDF-Viewer uses the fingerprint of your PDF to display comments, eliminating the need to upload any document data. No longer worry about copyright infringement or privacy laws.
You want to exchange comments on a website that has no comment section? Our Web-Viewer lets you discuss any web page with your community.
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Group chats that don't get messy

Chatting in Discuna feels as intuitive as in instant messengers, but has the advantages of a hierarchical comment structure. Instead of a group chat where everyone talks at cross-purposes and is flooded with notifications, discussions in Discuna are rendered as flat trees to maximize structure and simplicity.
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PacMan eats emails

Say goodbye to email chaos

Instead of emails, Discuna relies on push notifications that are easy to manage.
Mute channels or entire folders in your community library to receive only notifications that you are interested in.
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Grow your community with ease

Discuna gives you all the tools you need to successfully grow your community:
  • A reward system gives recognition to your most active members and boosts user engagement.
  • Understand what matters most to your community members through member insights.
  • Simplified member roles help you manage your community.
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We understand data privacy

Your data will never be shared with third parties.
We only collect data that is necessary for Discuna to function correctly and to improve the performance of Discuna.
I use Discuna as a communication and feedback tool for three courses for students of Computational Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich. Through Discuna chat channels, I collect questions and suggestions for discussion in the classroom, and through Discuna's PDF annotations feature, the students report errors and issues in the course material. The students very much appreciate the ease with which text and graphics can be blended in Discuna, and I value the clear presentation of communication threads and efficient navigation in Discuna.
Prof. Dr. Ralf Hiptmair, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

A community is just a few clicks away

Register now and start your own community for free.
Background for Hypatia, Socrates, and Confucius
Hypatia, Socrates, and Confucius

Where communities thrive.